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Welcome to Shebops Productions,
the internet home of Turi Ryder

LIVE at 8PM, Sunday, March 5th, come for the FREE and final installment of
That's All She Wrote At Great Lakes Tattoo
(1148 West Grand Ave. in Chicago)

Turi will read "Hypatia Bedpan", a chapter from her book
 "She Said What?"

Turi's live reading of "Searching for the Hoary Marmot" at MissSpokenChicago's "Rites of Passage" evening.
can be herd by clicking on the lovely lips below:

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and Twitter for (sometimes last minute) show info.
While you wait, h
ere's the story of "The Return of the Dead Guppy", or, in print form:
"Belly Up"

Creative wizard,
Howard Hoffman, will illustrate.
Here's an example of Howard's cool work:

After nearly TEN YEARS, the Exceptions are taking a vacation. But in case you were hoping they'd send you a postcard, here's the next best thing: an archive.

"The Exception to the Rule"
Attacked by Pencils
Hacked Nudes
For more minutes visit:
  "Turi Ryder's Exception to the Rule"

When it's "family", you don't really leave.
Hear Turi's Return to 720 WGN:

The Homeless Guy Under Your Porch Part 1
The Homeless Guy Under Your Porch Part 2

More from the WGN Archives:
Makers Mark 2.0 (with Paula Cooper)

AND....Famous and hip international broadcast consultant Valerie Geller  chose us to edit her books. Even if we'd never met her, we'd recommend:

What else is on this site?
From the
Hear Talk Radio page, you can listen to other shows.

Find more audio in the Archives section, along with some photos we almost didn’t add (somebody begged us---we won’t say who).

 Turi Can Write. Feast your eyes on her published work.

You’ll find a description of Shebops talk studio and capabilities in the What is Shebops section.

Had enough of political gridlock?  Not till you've seen the Political Productions page.

We are known by the companies we keep. Credit where credit is due on the Contacts, Kudos & Clippings page.

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